Haha this is totally a simulator

This is 100% a simulator and theres nothing wrong with it.

For those who played it

Tf you doing i said this is a simulator

For those that know or are ballsy

Yeah this is a fnaf like game
The energy management is annoying once you get pass day 5. The scare isnt that bad. The story is pretty easy to understand. I love how it’s disguised as a simulator
A solid 6/10 imo.


If I ever made a game it’d probably be like a horror shooter survival game disguised as a game for kids. Maximum target audience while also horrifying the younglings. It’d be some intense shit too. Not just in tone but visuals, audio, everything. I’d want them kids to never trust a game again. It’d be styled like fucking bloxburg or whatever adopt me or some shit but it’d literally just be that setting while telling a horror story and dealing with tough themes. I’d be checking every god damn thing roblox looks out for and edge on the border of what is or isn’t allowed

I’d probably name it “Daycare Simulator” or some shit. Market it as, well, a daycare simulator. No intentions stated. Maybe a little “13+” logo at the bottom so they can’t blame me liable for their kids not reading shit.

Point being is that I hopefully want to make a simulator game one day that isn’t actually a stereotypical roblox simulator and is actually a game that subverts. But I got no motivation to do that so meh.


That sounds really interesting

Indeed very interesting these types of games which disguise themselves are a pretty cool idea

i cant get past the 7th day because power runs out so quickly like wtf

spooky!!1!!1 :ghost: :scream: :speaking_head:

Try turning the pc off when you are getting oxygen