Hair blending

this question is for you ice-cubes of drip making on these here forums, do you have any tips for hair blending? I try to do it sometimes but always end up failing miserably aside from the one time i think i did a decent job with my glacid paladin (that i unfortunately plan to replace with a shadow paladin or oracle when the update comes out) but other than that i’ve never really been able to do it well
so yeah any tips? thanks in advance

Wear 2 of the exact same hair in different colors so you get Z-fighting (or your character just randomly swaps hair color on refresh like mine does)

if you mean blending different colors, I think the important thing is making sure both colors are in a sort of equal quantity, so finding hair that look similar or take up similar space

i mostly meant blending hairstyles but ill take this advice as well

for hairstyles it’s slightly similar, try to make it seem like they’re part of 1 hairstyle, so if you’re combining a short and long hair, try to make the short hair end inside or compliment the long hair

one good hair combination i know is 61 + 90

works well enough for multi colour too which i use to tell my files apart since they’re all identical clones

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any male combos?

here is something i cooked up just now

outside of tailor menu

quick question, which of these looks best?


combination of whatever colors these are

i think the black and blond are good

Hair bending

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my only hair blended file is my main
Screenshot 2024-05-13 10.39.48 AM
light blue and white

Either go for two that really fit well together. Or make a mess, but with more substance than a normal mess.

Idk I just use this

ive blended pink and yellow sometimes it works

Used that one since WoM but it was actually a friend that cooked it for me

making a new file, rate the blend

when the :nauseated_face: isnt in reactions