Halloween Event : A Review

I have finished the halloween event yesterday. It was not too fun, but it was pretty satisfying looking at an inventory full of purples.

You’re telling me this inventory isn’t satisfying to look at?

I will be splitting this review into two sections.

The Hunt

At first when I saw the preview, I was a little disappointed. So, the way we get our items is to just grind like normal and do nothing interesting? I expected some kind of maybe special quest, a special boss, or any other way than just plain grinding.

Doing chests is what I do all the time, and the quests and fishing just add extra boredom to the event. Look, I did not enjoy running around Summer Hold looking for the boring quests and praying to the RNG gods just to get the item I needed.

A thing I can say is, Vetex did a pretty nice job for making the RNG a little more forgiving. It doesn’t take as long as a sunken to get the items, at least.

The Vanities

In this section I will rate every single vanity out of 10.
Pumpkin Fedora : 5/10; pretty meh.
Dark Omen Mask : 9/10, well designed; I love it very much.
Wrappings (Head) : 4/10; garbage, doesn’t go well with outfits.
Mini Cauldron : 7/10; if you wanted to dress more like a witch I guess you can now.
Death Crown : 8/10; another great one, neutral colors work with most outfit and gives a deadly vibe to it.

Candy Corn Hat : 3/10; trash, doesn’t go well.
Halloween Bag : 5/10; not bad, but not good either.
Wrappings (Body) : 7/10, this is better since you can pretend you have wounds all over, but it would be higher if the Torso disable feature worked on this one.
Skeleton hat : 7/10; well-designed, if you wanted to become a pirate witch, this hat is for you.
Hallowed I : 8/10; pumpkin hats are good in general.

Shoulder Crow : 9/10; interesting accessory for shoulder, which works with most outfits.
Bat Ears : 7/10; would work well if RNG gives a great color.
Wrappings (Legs) : 6/10; same reason as body, but makes less sense on legs.
Skull Chain Necklace : 8/10; very cool necklace, if you don’t use a cape that covers up the entire necklace.
Hallowed II : 8/10; same reason as Hallowed I.

Headless Horseman : 8/10; very great if you decide to dress like a mythical creature.

Overall, I would rate the Halloween event a 4/10, it gave some great vanities overall (at least better than independence, because the vanity can actually work in outfits better), but is a pain to get the items and doesn’t give much enjoyment.

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yeah, really annoying to do everything. And I had to do this three times, so it kinda sucked away the enjoyment. At least the atmosphere was cool.

The beanie was actually better than I thought, a 4-5 for me. I was disappointed and surprised that there was a purple and red pumpkin, but no orange?

yeah literally doesnt make sense how theres no orange pumpkin