has anyone else noticed the faint glowing particles on the handcuffs? ut must be how they stop you from using magic

i think its a pretty cool detail


you cant really see it on the image but its easy to see ingame

If they prevent magic then why aren’t they using it to counter magic user? Like making bullets out of them or something

Maybe they are rare but I’ve see a shit ton of cuffs in the eternal mines.

i have no idea but its the only explanation i can think of

Given the fact that the strongest people, and by extension the people with the most control over the war seas, are magic users I can see why they would be against making weaponry out of them

I want non magic users to stand up and GOD DANG INDUSTRIALIZED THEIR TECHNOLOGY, create idk Breeching loading cannons, needle guns, revolvers, lever actions rifles and even fucking maxim machine guns.

If Ironclads are going to be added in game then MAYBE MAYBE THESE INVENTIONS EXIST:
breech Loading Cannons


If they can CREATE experimental CURSES thousands of years ago then why wouldn’t it make fucking sense if some random kingdom see the potential of guns and advancing their technology.


Iirc the handcuffs are made using arcanium in a similar way to how arcanium can be forged into a devourer. Also it doesn’t stop spirit energy so the player theoretically could break through with enough practice because (plot armour)

Watch as oracle builds can just break the handcuffs with their spirit energy and Strength builds just use their sheer strenght (lol) to break the handcuffs

They do look quite thick so uhh gl strength builds