Happy New Year Arcane Odyssey!

Happy new year everyone!

For the new year, I’ve decided to draw some AO characters and my main ocs in formal wear! Kinda like they’re going to a new year ball, which is something I’ve planned for a few months now just for this day.

This took me almost a month to prepare, which looking back at it now is something I should have started in late November. This took a lot of energy out of me, but I’m satisfied with the final product I suppose.

Here's the characters and their outfits!

Welp, now that this is finally done, I can rest easy. See you guys next year, I look forward to creating more Arcane Odyssey artwork!


it is complete

THESE LOOKS AMAZING??? :sob: :heart_eyes:
I love everyone’s attire, they all look magnificent :eyes:


my goat Shura :acid_magic_var1:

also is Enizor wearing theurgist cloak?

enizor’s outfit almost makes me forget wanting to kick him off my ship for doing literally nothing until the dark sea quest

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Effort… the EFFING EFFORT i tell u!!!

You did good, my child. Earn your rest for the new year

(Also i just realized FUCK, theres no neviro. But edwards HAWT so WHO CARES)


wait nvm, found him

he was too busy or shy to join the main pic :pensive:

Gg and happy new years :confetti_ball::tada:

I totally did not overlook the fact he wasnt there til you pointed it out-

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And u changed it immediately im WHEEZING

Thank you so much acko :sob:

this took a lot out of me (i definitely remembered to put neviro in-), but the final product was good nonetheless


(Complete, has neviro in it)

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nobody will be able to prove anything

saw most of the process god damn this turned out fantastic gg

Ghostly having a breakdown in vc, good times :+1:

Finest, the FIRST thing you said in the vc was “Smash”

I love free speech

New year’s ball. Hopefully Calvus can give some fireworks.

And a Happy New Year to all of you.

my vague memory tells me that this is a reference to Sword Art Online art. Great masterpiece