Happy Valentines Day Fellas

Myes it is da love day, Here’s Tsundere Sage for your day

Extras Pieces I made

Extra Shitpost

Hope you guys have a good day overall as well, just remember that everything will be fine


Hehe, nice. Theos having a crisis in the bottom tho hehe.


Yes, more more more. :sunglasses:

yes indeed

I just thought of something… There is already a comic about AA, the one Trollus made and is making, and multiple oters are being worked on, that are about adventures and battles and stuff, which is all great, but imagine if there was a romance themed comic for AA or AO… The artwork is great as always, especially the last piece. I love that Apotheosis, instead of being like, supportive and helping Theos emotionally, has the troll face.

man I wanna read that :frcryin:

I would mainly laugh as hard as possible if I did…

Tsundere Sage ?
This is emerald


Tsundere sage is kinda cute

The fact I have nothing to do today is crushing


and nice art

Averill out of everyone? I honestly thought Averill was Bi more to the Gay side-

Theos bought gas station weed

I’m gonna go to hell soon for looking at this

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Well yeah IG, the other choice was Trigno but then it’s Trigno. Other than that I didn’t think of anyone else


Tsundere Sage is cute, pog post all around.

I’m going to take a nap
and just wake up from this dream :frpensive:

ayo averill x trigno? :flushed:

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barely legal morden gets dominated by powerful old man (theos x morden fanfic coming soon :heart_eyes:)

get out.