Happy valentines day :)

this is 15 minutes early in my timezone, but it’s close enough


Hehe, happy valentines day yall.

Happy Valentine’s day!

i’m honestly so surprised and heartwarmed to have one for once

Happy day where I made a card for my mom when I was around 10 then stopped caring about it after primary school because it was a project every year

I miss those cinnamon heart candies from that one year tho, it became a playground currency for a day or two

i just got quarantined yaaaaaaayyyy happ valentine day im totally happy haha yaayyy :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: woooooooooooooo im not going insane don worry!! yaaaaaaaaaayyy


try eating a hamburger it really makes me feeeeeeeeeeoh wait

For Valentine’s, I’m voluntarily forcing myself to watch a romantic anime with my girlfriend just to show off my love :pensive:

I don’t even like watching normal anime, but this is for her; I’m such a simp

You are my world

of magic


i want to scream at you but i just spent half the day eating chocolate and the other half crying so now im tired.