Harming gel question

Is the harming gel just a downgraded/cheaper alternative to the power potion (white eyes scales).

I feel like they a practically the same, since they both just give a raw damage boost

Also has anyone tested if a harming five gel is actually better than the power potion?

No Idea, but pretty sure a harming V gel gives 35 extra damage? Unsure about power, but given the rare ness of white eyes harming gels are probably better overall. You can use both together for big boi damage ig.

power potion giver you a 15% damage boost on attacks
harming gel gives you a flat damage increase of whatever tier you made
power potion is better if you’re doing a lot of damage, while harming is better if you don’t do that much damage

Maybe with tier 5 harming gel, max attack speed 20 beams/shots will actually be really powerful

150 power metal mages stacking both of them: