Has anyone else ever actually seen this?

The dark sea has been out for quite some time now, and most strange and likely unintentional things have been seen and reported on many times. Floating cubes of stone are well known about. the giant islands that are so tall that they reach out of the dark sea are a rarity, but a known one. Even the random floating ghosts without a texture are a common sight to see.

However, the one thing I have never seen anyone talk about is a large black platform in the sea, presumably made of stone. Sort of like a budget epicentre but without any mountains or a lake.

The platform in question. It may be the foundation for a volcanic island, but I have still never seen any mention of this happening to anyone else. Nor have I ever seen it again.

Has anyone else heard about, or seen this thing?

From what I think, these are one of the failed island generations, I doubt somebody came across something like this before since this seems pretty new so my guess is that this new bug came with the nimbus sea

This thing is probably one of those generating structures that spawned randomly in the dark seas and only spawned as giant floating blocks in the air

I do agree with your idea that it is failed island generation, but it isn’t a new thing. This picture was taken shortly after the dark sea update, when a very large amount of people were exploring the dark sea and letting others know about anything interesting that they found.

This prolly the first instance of that island spawning and only recorded instance

imagine being lvl 125 :fr:

I find misgenerated islands all the time. Just random roblox cubes, some of them floating.

Yeah the random stone cubes are pretty common. I’m talking specifically about the completely black platform in the water.

looks a lot like an island that failed to generate properly, though this message probably isn’t much help since it seems mostly everyone else here has said the same thing.


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Well that answers my question.

The budget epicentre may be rare but as it turns out it isn’t a one off thing.

epicentre lite