Has anyone had any luck getting ownership of their guild back after changing their username?

Title. My guild is locked because I changed my username, and I’m not spending another 10 dollars to get it back. Pretty much equivalent to putting 20 dollars in a grinder. Has anyone had success in overcoming this bug without changing their username again?

Is it a solo guild?

No, but nobody else possessed an administrator role.

I mean, you can try asking a mod or Vetex for the rank back, I guess. I’m not sure who possesses those powers.

I had the exact same problem, I asked moderators and the easiest solution was the username change. Your guild is basically be ransomed.

Dang, well…

I can’t even imagine, especially if your guild was super advanced.

That sucks. Guess I’ll wait and hope Vetex actually decides to fix this, considering it’s been known for more than a year now and is a laughably easy fix.

It’s fine, just lost the name, a filled guild bank, and a few days of solo infamy farming, so nothing ridiculous.

Rip. Probably have an alt in the co-leader rank next time, that could be an easy fix to the problem.

Well, the guild would just permanently not have a leader, but yeah I guess that’s better than nothing. Sad to see how spaghetti-coded such a simple feature is. :fr:

Oh. Thought for a second then your alt could invite yourself back and promote your main to leader.

Nah, the alt would have to be the leader of the clan for that to work.

Oh, thought co-leaders could invite people to their guild.

Wait, then they could dethrone the leader. Nevermind, i’m stupid.

I guess when you want to change your username, make your alt the leader, change your main’s username, and re-invite and re-leader your main.

Yeah I lost my guild due to changing my user, best bet is remake your guild if you had like no infamy.

Wdym you spent 10 dollars to get it back?

I mean I COULD spend 10 dollars to get it back, by changing my user back to what it was. But then the would just be a waste of 20 dollars.

Luckily we were not far in to the infamy grind, but it does suck to lose what we had acquired. This is what I’m probably going to end up doing.

Easiest fix is to just not own a guild.
Or don’t ever change your username. :ez:

Oh that’s what you meant lol