(HAS BEEN COMPLETED BY drip_god) 1 Clean Sunken Sword, 1 Clean Sunken Iron Boot, 1 Clean Sunken Helmet

Since, the last one did good. I’m doing another one but this time It will be a little different. When the timer ends whoever is the last 2 commenters have to do 2 tasks, which is kill the minotaur and exile, send me a proof right after you finished the task . Whoever finished it first with the task will get all of those items.


Now this is good

you could make it harder by like making them kill the king

man i do be wishing my ping isnt horrible right now

I wonder who’s gonna win :face_with_monocle:

exiled is much harder

thats gotta be cap exiled vs king david silver

you can cheese king, but you cant cheese exiled
both are easy as fuck dont get me wrong but exiled isnt cheeseable

what’d u mean cheesable

literally just take king underwater with you, hide on the wall and attack him when hes not attacking you, use water magic to instantly win clashes with him, use raging storm against him in a place you cant get hit by him

many many ways to cheese king

now how about exiled? you sit on the high ground where he can still hit you with raging storm. Not many options besides just fight him legit

for exiled just get 130m away from him high jump and use magic leap twice and use 20 shot with magic thats the easiest way it takes about three of them

still takes more effort than king

i havent fought king but with exiled it takes like 15 seconds if u do it right

idk man, should just give me the sunken sword

Good Idea, After this one is done. I’ll do that. :+1:t4: Exile, Mino, And king David.


No it’s not, the king has more xp than exiled bro.

so basically kill the exiled and minotaur once; take a screenie; save until this thing ends and then give the pics to him…

Even better
Can i give you a powerful sunken chest for that clean ss

no way