Has your email been pwned?

That site goes through many leaks that happened before and checks if your email has been leaked
one of my emails got leaked several times (good thing I don’t use it for important stuff)

You don’t have to post if your email leaked or not but :fr:

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I simply have too much raw swagger for my info to be stolen.

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Well I haven’t been pwed so that’s nice to know

No one has figured out that my email, [email protected], has the password magnetaz1

both my main gmails accounts have been pwned…
oh well, already changed my password

What does it mean for your gmail to be pwned?

it was leaked somehow
by “it” I mean both the email itself and the password

i change my passwords pretty frequently though so no problem on my side.

I think it means that the email is pretty much public and maybe the passwords to the sites may have been leaked.

But depending on who you are leaking your email can also be troublesome
but most leaks also contain your password

-To everyone here

Breaches are much less important, its usually a very large amount of data leaked unintentionally by servers

However, pastes are when someone posts your info online on a temporary website

Most of these can be ignored.

This, however, is VERY IMPORTANT and requires you to change passwords on a few accounts fast. Someone managed to get into my account once with this (Crossout account lmfao)

oh i didnt know that pastes were that important
thanks for letting us knowing

pastes are the only thing that matter tbh. the rests are too widespread

Also remember some of these can be from like 3 years ago like mine and won’t matter

My school email got breached in the mangadex breach, but it can’t even be spammed with emails cause it can only recieve emails from my school district or things I subscribed to lol