Have you play vetex arcane adventure or any of the other remakes

  • Arcane Adventures
  • Arcane Reborn
  • Arcane Legacy
  • Some other remake/reinmangined version

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This is like coming into a restaurant and asking if everybody dining is eating food.


yeah but not much of it. I just logged back on and this is where I left off…I was young and I struggled a lot with the boss that kept rising me into the air. I don’t think Ive ever beaten it

For some reason part of my extended monitor was included in the screenshot but oh well

never heard of arcane legacy, but i played AA and ar

I probably have less than an hour of actual AR playtime, never played AA and hardly know what AL is

What’s Arcane Legacy?

Another AA remake but I think they fell off and AR became more popular so everyone forgot about it.

Let’s see,

AA beta, AL normal probably (only stuck there until second mind), AR (I somehow have beta bracelet there). Idk of any other remake

nope. Just World of Magic.

Arcane Legacy was one of those games made after AA broke from filteringenabled, but it fell off most likely because of a shit ton of custom magics made and AR being the better competitor

i played al and discovered that it has the default dance