Having Power from gear be affected by spell/magic/charging/interaction multipliers

Currently, Power from gear directly adds onto magic damage and isn’t multiplied by the magic’s damage multiplier. This is already in issue with low-damaging magics with passive DoT dealing very high damage, and it will only get worse with higher levels.

Let’s assume that Earth has a magic (damage) multiplier of 1.0, and Plasma has a magic multiplier of 0.82.

Currently, a Plasma user at level 60 could have 93 power from their gear, and deal 158 damage with a 100% size blast, with their base damage at their level being 65 along with 75 DoT, adding up to 233 damage.
For an Earth user with the same stats, they would deal 169 damage with their pure damage being 76 (iirc), with no DoT unless 33% of the target’s max HP was dealt, which would result in 40 extra damage, adding up to 209 damage. Notice how it deals a lot less than Plasma would even with bleeding, even though it has a quite noticeably higher magic multiplier.

This shouldn’t be the case, since this would make magics with high DoT always superior to magics without any DoT with a very high power to level ratio. If the magic multiplier affected power gained from gear, it would be more balanced and have magics respect their damage multipliers more. Spell damage multipliers would also be in effect for power gained by gear, which would solve the problem of avoiding the significant damage reduction on Placed Explosion spells while also making spell charging and pillar explosions even more effective and rewarding for Power builds. Additionally, it’d make magic combos reward building Power rather than just completely disregard it.

With this in effect, due to the multiplication this would make a level 60 Plasma user with 93 power deal 65 + 74 (round to 140) damage by default with 70 DoT, totaling to 210 damage.
If the user were to use Earth, they would deal 76 + 93 (169) damage due to its magic (damage) multiplier being 1.0. If it caused bleeding as well, it would deal 209 damage.
This would result in Earth dealing much more raw damage than Plasma as it is intended to, while Plasma is still able to deal just a bit more damage than Earth, which even with DoT I don’t think it should deal as much since there is no damage threshold, but that is a suggestion for another time.

i think this would be good, considering building power on magics that have a lot of speed would give you both the quick projectile speed and the damage you need, this would be indeed a way to balance magics but at the same time give others some advantages, and those advantages would be covered by clashing in my opinion

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I have no idea why was that made like that in the first place. Obviously it would have been abused by specific magics.


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I’ve tried going for a glass cannon build with Poison, and the results were overwhelming, because of how power from gear works.

Poison has the lowest damage multiplier out of all magics while also having the highest damaging DoT, so it would get way more out of power upgrades compared to every other magic. Poison’s DoT can deal up to 100% of damage dealt over 20 seconds, and power upgrades completely ignore a magic’s multiplier. This results in Poison being able to deal upwards 300 damage with minimal effort, with far more damage potential than any other magic at level 60, or even level 70!
Here’s a quick example of just how much damage Poison can do as a glass cannon on impact:

This is why power upgrades should be affected by a magic’s damage multiplier, since having the same flat increases of power for all magics results in weaker magics having severe power trips and imbalances.