He actually did it lol

i dont mind, since i kinda wanted this to happen

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Delete the guilds or do a total re-work.
Problem solved.

lol big/toxic guilds mad.


Not our problem they wasted 1/3 of their life grinding on a dead lego game

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we gonna have to deal with another wave of mass genocide from suncry i guess


That would mean we are 3 year olds.
“You are tho”


:nod: true

nooooo :pensive:

I wanted to troll

Actually the sun has never cried, therefore you don’t exist.

yeah, hit 'em with that big brain power move.

hey we keep our items though


Finally, just what I wanted (time to see these max levels mald).

and creed. and noble (if they come back).

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there is literally no reason to mald, getting to level 90 takes like 2 hours :fr:

It’ll probably be different in AO since quests and leveling work differently.
However, it’ll most likely be better even if it takes longer.

probably easier since quests are more consistent

Aaaand, all members of suncry violently cease to exist.