Head canon exiled

I could have make the effect better, but i want to finish this in day. feedback are appreciated.


Nice art although I feel as if exiled has bulkier armor due to his full defense style. But this is your head canon so it is your choice.

Exiled but he’s fast and has no shield

exiled but he looks like a well kept young man who works as an old-timey secret agent and gives off strong zhongli energy

ngl, the reason I didn’t draw him in bulky amour was that I’m too lazy.

So I just make a head canon like instands of trying to return to his old knight career, he just turns in to mercenary.


Ah alright. Hehe, he abandoned his oath lol.




William Afton

Perfect explanation for him no longer using bulky armor:
Exiled has mastered the art of parrying and the armor only slowed them down.

He has reached the point where somebody could throw the entire silent tower at them and they would flawlessly deflect it, taking a whopping 0 damage.
They will parry your entire being until there is nothing left.


thanks for wrting the head canon for me.


as someone who’s fully aware of tong’s laziness, this puts a smile on my face


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You’re welcome.

really though, if parrying is an option, who actually uses bulky armor?

Some fantasy anime character wannabe who think amour gonna stop you from lv 100 wizard running by.

damn i was gonna make a shield hero joke but he has no shield :pensive:

exiled but back when he was still training as a knight

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Exiled, but he was never exiled

he looks hot

if the exciled actually looked like that then
why doesent he take off his helmet :3

ayoo true
could just turn all the bad guys good ez

The exiled if he were to forsake his old oath, becoming the Demonblade. Forsaking his Castlian ways of absolute defense and fortitude, adopting a speed and ferocity that suits who he truly is and the conviction of destroying all that oppose justice, peace, and prosperity…by any means.

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