Headless or Sunken

Headless or Sunken
  • Headless
  • Sunken

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Headless for me as it looks sick with some clothes.

In terms of rarity, headless.
In terms of use and bragging rights, sunken.

I don’t particularly like or use either, but I think headless has more potential.

My bragging rights dont have an expiration date unlike sunken

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sunken will get invalidated within 2-4 updates
headless will eternally have really high value

if anything, headless value will skyrocket even more in the future.

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Utility >>>>>>>> Vanity

Well yeah I would agree with that if sunken iron items didn’t have a lifespan of an hour if we forget the level cap
And it’s not even an exageration, it lasts from level 50-100


It was possible to get more than 1 headless head per account by deleting the badge so there’s more than that number, though the same point still stands unless it somehow gets duped a ton.

I mean, they would have to reach lvl 50 first. (plus sunken items have actual use outside of it just looking pretty)

they won’t in the future
there’ll probably be even rarer fishing gear down the road too

the headless will eternally remain high value, and even grow in value as time passes

I feel like the sunken champion set will come back.