Headshot Series: Juniper

Pulled this together in a belated celebration of LSS’s superb webcomic reaching 100 chapters! I can’t imagine doing a drawing virtually every week for almost 2 years, let alone a multi-page comic, so hats off to him for his work.

Anyway here’s my rendition of Juniper, the main protag of said webcomic. Honestly I’m pretty proud of how she came out, though I feel like I didn’t do the flare magic symbol justice.


Flare symbol looks epic man, don’t worry about it.


this looks hella good, good job man

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Just finished the web comic an hour before this was posted. Funny how things work out.

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coot juniper

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@LonesomeWolf glad to hear that, honestly the inner part looked better but Juniper’s head kinda covered it up lol

@Cat1master thanks man, I appreciate it!

@pristine always good to see another webcomic convert :nod:

@EtherealR those two words are synonyms :sunglasses:

I mean sure, the symbol could use some more colour blending in the centre, but that is asking too much, it’s very good as it is.
However, one question: You refered to Trollus, Little Shrek Sheep, however you want to call them, as “him”; Why’s that? I was always confused with their gender, so if you were 100% certain with what you stated, then I believe I’d have to thank you and congradulate you for “solving this mystery”.

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Yeah tinkering more with the colors and blended probably would’ve helped more

Honestly I probably should’ve just used they/them cause I’m not 100% sure either. But I’ve seen other artists and forumers refer to Trollus with he/him, so I just kinda rolled with that.

Yes yes yes YES !!

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Great drawing, awesome job



@FlawlessT many thanks bro, glad you think so!

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boom! headshot


that’s the end goal, in reality this headshot series isn’t just drawings, it’s templates for the new wanted posters for the arcane government