Hear me out

Now now, you may wonder why every magics at the bottom tier? well you see, all of them are shit if you don’t know how to use them.

Like, it’s honestly based on your gameplay/playstyle with the magic you’ve chosen, that’s pretty much it.




this is accurate to the meta

Bro you botta get so much fame and clout :ez:

aggressive Ash magic player doesn’t work well but I’m also bad kelekek

wrong, every magic I don’t use is shit

Every magic vitorgue not use is shit

to be fair the max level is 90/1000 rn so yea its all f tier cuz bruh… only 200 damage? bro… no 5000 damage each 20 shot blast? ccrgnge

yeah but your opponent will have like 100k health

Wind should be higher imo

nah, F fits wind

Nah bro u should of put wind in s tier

This is true because I clowned a Gold Magic user before and I’m Iron Magic

Hehe, very aggressive earth is a viable playstyle in my opinion.

from this i have deduced that WEAPONS ARE META AGAIN, LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Hear me out, every magic is drip

technically water is better then snow

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