Heart attack in wom


cause u put on the maid dress

no i did not.

That maid shirt is cursed. Very spoopi

i didnt equip it >:(

I don’t know😑

heart attack in wom
constantly trying to sprint when you already have 0 stamina

low levels escaping npcs by climbing a surface with no stamina without realizing its draining their hp

I love the iMmErSiOn in this game.

Fun fact: If you reset your character, they will actually have a heart attack as shown by one of your arms going over your chest before you flop over.

No idea if its still like this or if it was changed… or if it was even intentional in the first place.

Game theory: character creation is deadly.

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Me after wearing a 20-day unwashed shirt

Bro somebody wrote your name in a death note

i think it was changed, cause every time i reset, the vision before it goes black just shows me collapsing
cool touch tho, wish it was still in the game

Pov: you finally hit the PvP level cap

this looks like good meme material