Hello. Another Spoiler Alert

Noble is just a bad joke, lmao.

you do be speaking facts doe

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he has cracked the code

Give me a second just gotta make a call
“Yes hello The_Nice has cracked the code how can noble increase their damage with tears if everyone knows it’s a joke”

“Yes, alright then I will hold them off as long as possible”

Bruh take Noble seriously they are the greatest guild in history don’t at me

Why do you want to see spoilers that much.

Nah man, fake news we all know you’re being held gunpoint by guilds
All of them are nothing compared to the almighty likes of our lord and saviour Noble

They are noobies.

Fake news :confused:

You’re proof for that

I’m proof that noble is good…? :poggerfish:

Do yoy mean… Noobies*?

Don’t you mean professional WoM Players :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Nope. I don’t

Meta magic users :frpensive:

Meta defence build users

oh you don’t actually mean it when you say they’re noobies?

Funny! xD

exposed gottem

okay sorry bout that noble XD