Hello, new forum guy here

sup, new to the forums, Im simply just here to get the chance to suggest, but to give myself a introduction

i am a mentally questionable man that makes joke builds for a job, current builds are
-Aquaman build (bullying kids underwater, with underwater advantages, warlock water sailor style of course)
-Max Intensity build (we do not talk about the ear remover, or the selected magics)
-Max Attack size build (we do not talk about mr hitbox, explosion and ash (i regret ash shouldve gotten fire))
-(soon to come) Max Power build (saitama frfr)

and for my main save, the mastermind that made all these builds. . is a magma explosion mage.
i have no chances in pvp with whatever set i have, god save me.

off to grind now, cant wait for the opinions on my probably horrible builds that can only terrify you, until you see those builds are all bark, barely bite.
thoughts? fears? potentially just here to say hi? say your thoughts about me, buh bye.

(edit, yes, you can ask me about the builds and how ridiculous they can be)

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does it clap?

the tank build claps, the rest dont clap how it should clap

Im ngl an aquaman build that consists of emerging from the water and attacking randoms seems so fun.
Pair that with max breathing gems and you got the ultimate advantage

mine is actually a swimming speed aquaman build, focused on attacking underwater rather than on land (waterbreathing potions help to stay underwater)

the build is REALLY FAST when swimming, which helps in chasing boats, dodging underwater, and outrunning sharks.

and the extra stuff i do for a few giggles are whirlpools (gale potions) which spawn a potential lurker AND help trap people, Bleed potions (chance to spawn a sharky or better) to maul the unfortunate, and tide potions to just sweep them away

lots of potential. REALLY fun build once you cook something good

were you the fast swimming guy that killed me while I was doing a legendary chart

when you’re home alone do you let it swang

if i looked like aquaman, yes. if i didnt, not me

oh okok not you

Fellow magna explosion mage. Incredibly based. I changed my explosion to glass for the power but explosion has a special place in my heart.