Helmp me plis

Can anyone train me on PvP? I would appreciate some tips


play EBG if you want good pvp, WoM in its current state just isn’t optimized for pvp at all.

Learn to punish. There’s a reason why the laser is so powerful, it’s fast and with the correct magic hard-hitting.

You shouldnt pvp at all and that’s the best tip

uhhhhh get uhh good and uhhhh be better than your oponent and uhhhhhhh

Shadow is meta so just move around so they can’t hit you since shadow users have no battle sense. With fast magics don’t be afraid to tank a few hits to get more in.

With slower magics just a simple and easy trick: dodge

As a Shadow user I can verify this is 101.476319565015578956780563476510605106% true

EBG’s gameplay + AO’s map, quest, and lore = best game on Roblox, imo

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