Help me craft a meta ship build

Personally looking for the perfect warship to use in clan battles

Speed is obviously the main focus.
I also need 100% stability while maintaining the max amount of speed possible while having 100% stability.

i have a better build

86 speed is hella slow

ram strength > other stats

Speed is king

Ok I came up with this build:

Powerful Ruined Archaic Hull
Warship Ruined Archaic Sails
Brisk Light Ram
Ravenna Deserters Crew
4 Speed Deckhands
Brisk Dragonfire Carronades
Dunno which Siege Weapon to Use but Ruined Archaic Mortars do not seem very optimal since they tend to misfire a lot
As for the Enchants on the Mortars, Probably Brisk

Speed, Turning, and range for cannons/siege weapons are the best stats. Don’t go for ram damage because rams are pretty weak and you end up sacrificing speed. Brisk light ram is good though because it has a 2.5 speed multiplier.

I recommend going Brisk archaic hull because it gives 15 extra turning and 7 extra speed. For sails, either use brisk or warship. If you do use warship for the sails, I recommend using culverins or amplified on your carronades so you can outrange your enemies. You don’t want to try trading damage while having less health. Otherwise, warship works pretty well on cannons if you have high turning because you can just switch sides instead of waiting for the cannons to reload.

For siege weapons, howitzers are the best because they have really good range and damage. I recommend swift or brisk because going for more range is overkill.

For deckhands, speed and turning are the best, but it depends on preference.

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AO ship gear builder website when?

that build is anything but meta tbf :sob:

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