Help pls uwu

How to deal with anger, right now i am shaking from angy and i want to punch something but i cant cuz i have neighbors sleeping HELP

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get mad


Things you could do:

  • Read my Femtex Series
  • Meme Compilation Videos on YouTube
  • TV Show/ Anime/ Movie
  • Therapy Session
  • Turn up the music and dance crazily /AngryTwerk
  • Let the Dark Side of the force infest in you and beat up your neighbors
  • Read any news article
  • Watch really anything comedy related
  • Scroll the Forums
  • Read my Femtex Series
  • Cry
  • YouTube ASMR/ Cooking Videos (Specifically ones that are relaxing like this one
    뚤기ddulgi - YouTube)
  • Talk it out with someone or multiple people
  • Videogames
  • Make up a series for literally anything like a story, show idea, game, etc.
  • Alcohol
  • Sleep
  • Lie in bed and just think about the day

No help for you

Drink water

usually i just punch my pillow until i feel bad about it
surely a pillow shouldn’t make too much noise

kill everyone you know

Well you could always answer the Bone O Phone.

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i misread it as “Take it out on someone or multiple people” lmao

doesnt that included us ?
not that i mind

Your femtex series is literally a SCP waiting to be put on the wiki with all of the agonizing shit in it. Reading it beyond half of the first page literally deals 300 disintegration damage to the soul per every 3-5 words.


Watch the unnamed

What do you mean bro, it’s already a certified torture technique and you die after 5 seconds of reading.

be not afraid

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