Help the forums are invading my dreams

So a couple days ago I had a dream like normal people do, but in the dream something odd happened. I was listening to some song by the popular music producer wmdrayal. Or at least they were a popular music producer in my dream anyways. OF ALL PEOPLE WHY DRAYAL THOUGH? He doesn’t make music as far as I’m aware? And idk how he even got in my dream because I don’t even really remember responding to him that much. I’d expect it to be somebody who does make music or that I respond to a lot but dreams are dreams I guess. So yeah the forums got in my dreams… I’ll dream about anything really if I’ve been a part of it for long enough. Interesting that it only took 2 months to dream about the forums (although briefly,) because it usually takes years for other media to sneak into my dreams (and yes I sometimes do dream about video games.)


And with that I’m gonna go to bed. Let’s see if it happens again :nod:



i can relate

ive had dreams about browsing the forums and especially mud magic


I think I remember seeing this forum many times in my dreams

A fire ball has appeared in your dreams

I had dreams about AO releasing


Idk why, but I’ve had dreams of every forumer getting stuck in WoM/AO, SAO style

Strange how you dreamed of a visual artist as an aural artist

Can you dream about me next? I want to brag to people that someone on a Roblox forum dreamed about me.

everybody gangsta untill forums start deploying random forumers into the dream world

I usually imagine the opening of One Punch Man but Silver is Saitama.

you know you have no life when you start dreaming about forum members

this sucks

I had a dream about AO/AA as a theme park once and I still kind of remember it

I am making that in real life in the middle of the pacific ocean as we speak

I hope you enjoy your nightmares

i hate japan

Next Stop: Japan!

was the music good?

just curious

i don’t even remember lmao