Help which one do I pick (deepwoken)

  • jolt grab
  • adrenaline surge
  • mystery mantra
  • stormcaller slash

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im not picking roll 2

Strangle your enemies with lightning

Adrenaline or Roll 2.

You have a better chance getting something useful out of roll 2 than mystery at no star spells.
Adrenaline is a nice speed boost though

Jolt grab and adrenaline are the only good options up there but I’d say adrenaline because jolt grab becomes more or less irrelevant in pvp/pve at a high enough level because people learn to actually parry(still very very useful, but has diminishing returns) but adrenaline always stays important.


Press shift + R for 0 health

wdym Shift+R

fuck i already picked ;-;

shift + r to die

just get stormcaller , lightning blade is really good and i use it still at power 36 and stormcaller on top of it.

adrenaline is pretty mediocre as someone who has it on my second file. it’s not really great for chasing or long enough for get aways (learned that the hard way on the get away part rip)

jolt grab is pretty meh don’t particularly recommend unless u got good mileage from using it prior, i hardly used it anymore after i got 2 moves including lightning

just got stormcaller from another deck of cards

as somebody who uses stormcaller slash, it works amazing with lightning blade, best combo extender ingame imo

update: got jolt grab, stormcaller slash, and adrenaline surge but the last one seems to have ripped me off (i have 53 agility btw)

Idk, I use adrenaline+run vow+vaulting and it’s fast af for me