Help with a trade? (W/F/L)

Getting offered on my three hallows. (Red, Blue and grey)

ME: Red Hallows, Blue Hallows, and Grey Hallows,

THEM: Two head wrapping, death crown, and a shoulder crow, should I take it?

Also any input for the future when it comes to Hallows?

loss. hallowed have slightly more value than other seasonals. it’s usually at a 1.5x or 2x rate

Thank you for telling me!
Is there anything I should ask to negotiate this? I am considering on asking for 5 seasonals for the three, you think that’s better?

as long as they have no color variants, like those seasonals that have already been offered to you, then I’d take it

I want to ask, why no colour variants? I am new to trading and all so I want to learn why specifically, when it comes to specific seasonal demand and stuff.

I’m not that knowledgeable about values myself, but from what I’ve seen is that people generally prefer “dark” cosmetics, such as crows, chains, and crowns. other seasonals like omen masks are just not that appealing

I’d generally trade my Halloweds at a minimum of a 1:2 ratio to most non-Halloweds.

White omen masks look real nice tho.

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