Help with shark hunting

so im currently looking for the shark egg but sharks rarely spawn, is there an optimal way to hunt large sharks, rather than just jump in and out of a diving spot hoping they will spawn?

you have to go to diving structures which can be found using a sea chart (obtained from sailor chests)

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i go to several but at most they’ll have 2 normal sharks

@Randomness is this what you meant earlier

what have you done

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Yes, I’m 90% sure the events impossible unless you get really lucky with shark spawns.

Yeah i was diving and searching in diving spots for a solid 3 hours and only managed to find like 6 sjarks total, all og which was normal sharks

Thats just unlucky, keep exploring and you will eventually find one

wooo i finally got one, just killed a great shark for it

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where did you find it? was it in an underwater structure or just a random shark?

was just diving in a random diving structure and saw a shark charging me, after it took a few hits it dropped the egg