Henlo, I'm New At This Website :)))

Hello, i have no idea what to do here

I do be using ice magic to freeze enemies
I would like to grind bosses with people who has snow or wind magic to get them frozen
And what does “Your endgame” means :U


hi welcome to the forum,ok now we have a pizza and a burgr

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Welcome to the forum, hope you have a good time here!

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Heya, welcome to the forum…

dam we coulda had a meal combo of pizza, burger and chicken but the chicken is gone.

Beware burgr he has killed many who attempt to take his throne as number one food on the forum

that’s ironic, it seems burgr had some beef with chicken :poggers2:

lmao, thank you guys

heh no problem

@Burgr looks like you have a new food friend

how do you feel about grease?

do u like being extra greasy or do you like being kind of soggy?

I’d rather prefer to be dry thank you very much

heyyo wassup
welcome here

hi welcome

I’ve tried freezing bosses already, it just doesn’t work, even if they do freeze it hardly does anything.

Oh and welcome