Here's an Awakened Wind combo

Wind Awakened Melee
Here’s an animation I made, I based this one off of what I think would be a really cool Awakened Melee combo, utilizing wind’s knock-back with an explosion to lead up to the melee attack


Your animation looks awesome! I love how smooth it is. The one thing id work on is the proportions, shorten the character and bring the hips further up. Might help with the uncanny valley stuff. :slight_smile:

That’s so epic.

I wish that melee attack was a thing in WoM but anyways, very nice animation and the lift effect looks cool tho :sunglasses:
slash magic combo

it will be a thing for awakened tier magics whenever those come out

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it’ll be really cool to see how those kinds of attacks will be customizable
it makes me wonder how we’ll be able to choose the animations and how different they’ll be from each other