Hex mark look like Karma in the boruto

Hex mark look like Karma in the boruto https://forum.arcaneodyssey.dev/uploads/default/original/3X/9/a/9a3560bce8b64b65a42890697da260bee5aa98dd.png
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The Hex Mark of Ancients Magics should look like the boruto’s karma, with a type of a very large mark on his body that can appear randomly up to any part of the body, after being born with this Mark, it can appear randomly anywhere on the body , after taking an Ancient Magic, it will grow, and the more you use your Ancient Magic, the more it will evolve together, forming a design on the back, belly, some on the face, etc.

The Mark would shine in the color of such a spell when equipped with such, as if it were activating a Haki Armament, for example, Death Magic the mark would have to be red, Life Magic light green, and so on.

The eye color would also change to the same color as Ancient Magic, but in the beginning it will only start in one eye, and after several uses and masterings, it would go to both eyes.

Details/background on your proposal

After activating Ancient Magic:
Hex mark without equipped magic:

Reason to add

Well, first of all, I don’t know if the Hex Mark that Vetex wants to make would be equal to the boruto’s karma, if it is, I’m making this suggestion for a while, if not, here are the reasons:

1 - It would give a “more powerful” aspect to the player that has the Mark and the Magic.

2 - It would make more sense and it would be much more interesting than just a small mark on the shoulder.

3 - As I said for the purposes, it is much better for the player who has the brand to evolve it than simply to be born, taking an Ancient spell and already leaving destroying everything.

4 - It would match better with the gods who had these Marks and Spells.

Well, I think that’s it, thanks for reading this far, give your suggestions of what you might or might not have. =)

Another “Turn AO into some anime thing I like” suggestion.




mixed feelings

Pretty sure the Hex mark is just gonna be the magic’s symbol imbued onto a part of your skin, like maybe the back of your hand. While a new way for it to look would be cool, idk about this one.

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