Hey Forumers!

I’ve been observing the forum since months ago but never really bothered to join until now. Most of you seem like nice and friendly people so I think I’m gonna fit in just fine :slight_smile:
I’ll be glad if anyone replies to this and I hope to get to know some of you in the future :slight_smile: :grin:





Nice to meet you

Welcome to hell! You’re here forever now!

Haev cookie :cookie:

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This place is not that bad… right?
Oh no, what have I done :scream:


the worst has probably passed.

Until AO comes out at least.

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ehh don’t worry, until ao releases I doubt there would be anything THAT bad.

Then I will continuously drill my mind until I am able to withstand any form of extreme criticism, harassments or toxicity from anybody in the game

Better safe than sorry :triumph:

joey from yugioh :flushed:

Thank you for noticing :+1:

joey :flushed:

Yes :flushed:

omg hi joey from yugioh :flushed:

Don’t tell anyone about this alr?

I’m actually tristan disguised as joey :shushing_face:


Even better, I’m actually joy boy from onepiece disguised as tristan disguised as joey wheeler with the name JoyBoy. :zipper_mouth_face:

this is a scooby doo episode

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