Hey guys, what if we had not only trust levels, but reputation on the forum?

This would make it easier on mods to be able to decrease rep if someone does some spittle bad thing. This will also show how trustworthy someone is making it less likely for scams to happen. Credit goes to @Prussia for the idea. I’m just spreading the idea.

sandal: demon reputation.

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balancing this out to always be neutral will be hell


cant wait to get demon rep on the forums

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Emperor of the forums

bounty board for forum members on the fourms

imma speedrun demon rep, wont be too hard since i’m generally unlikable

i like you, tho :pleading_face:

no fr tho i dont rememeber having any unpleasant interaction with you… so far

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Emperor of the forum speedrun

vetex already has that title.

we just kill vetex then

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we simply overthrow him


@SocialCreditMaster’s dream of a forum credit system coming true

Overall I can see this being a pretty bad idea though. But if you really wanted to know someone’s forum “reputation” just check how many likes they’ve recieved

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speedrunning legendary hero 100%

me and the boys pulling up with max rep:

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How about no…

pretty sure the trust system is built-in discourse

you really tryna add social credit to a forum about a lego game with 13 pages of lore behind each character