Hey um how can I adjust my not great stats

here are my stats
they need fixed (as soon as i get Prometheus acrimony)
Screen Shot 2023-11-20 at 5.37.07 PM

They Are perfect, or if you want to make it more “viable” you could do 50 weapons 60 strength 60 magic 50 vitality and chose magic or strength to be 90

the 70 weapons confuses me

Remove the vitality, savant is already restricted in its ability to make unlocks so those points are better spent elsewhere. If you need survivability, invest into defense gear (I have 1.9k HP as full mage with 250 magic)

50 wep
50 vit because uhh why not you can skip this step or just remove vit entirely
add points in mag or str make str 90 or 80 or add more into mag

honestly I thought it was a good idea when I did that. it really wasn’t my best idea

so is vitality generally useless?

Depends if u value whether u want some more base hp with less need of defense investment. At the cost of some dmg reduction.

Currently ur base hp is 1,208 which is 240 more than the base hp of non Vit users (968).

Because of this you need less defense investment than you typically would but not as greatly as us Vit Hybrids.

Better than what Non Vit users have to face though.

Unless you’re one of those heretics that put 230 Main Stat 20 Vit or 151 Mai Stat 99 Vit.
Go Vit hybrid u bums or continue w/ Pure Investment, aka 250 as of now.

You do face some Dmg reduction, but the formula w/ Vit’s dmg reduction and the likes isn’t working properly. So u might and or might not get smacked w/ Dmg Reduction.

I doubt it matters all that much anyways since it’s like -20 to -30 dmg not even.

nuh uh

so would it be a good idea to lessen my vitality?

Completely up to you.

I feel like Weps could be brought down to 50 unless u want to use Bronze tho. Could use an extra FS move w/ 60 FS or whatever.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say you was under the impression that evenly splitting stats is a good idea like you’d do in most RPG games and are/were unaware of the builds system lol.

that’s exactly it. my first build was evenly split completely this build was attempt an to try and figure it out lol

I mostly use magic or weapons. (because i forgot punching exists lol)

ok so basically, depending on how you invest your stats, you get access to different things and gain a different first awakening.

Like with savant, as you got now, you got to pick between a second magic or a second fighting style slot.

It depends on what you’re looking for.
Mage and berserker (100% magic/fighting styles) respectively gives you a bonus magic or fighting style respectively.
Conjuror and warlock gives you the ability to imbue magic onto your weapons/fighting styles
Warrior does something I forgot exactly what.
The vitality builds literally don’t exist yet.

By the sounds of this specifically and knowing literally nothing else about your playstyle, conjuror might be a good fit for you.
Its a stat build with at most 60% of either magic/weapons and atleast 40% of the other.
At the current max level, that translates to 150 magic/weapons and 100 of whatever you didn’t put 150 stat points in or anything inbetween. (like 125 of both or 120 + 130, you get the idea)

You gain the power to imbue your magic onto your weapons but lose the ability to use fighting styles at all or invest any points in them or vitality in the future until you stat reset.
(only savants get to invest in everything)

in my opinion, vitality is great for savant because you can play savant with only two damage options and less brain power than str/mag/wep
some options are


60w for tier two of first old weapon skills (flying slash tier two)
145m for snare, double beam, and tier two beam


to each their own bro idk but itll get buffed whenever the -30 str change happens




130 wep for bronze weps, ravenna sword, kai saber/merlot weps and both str weapons skills

and finally, we have


for the all 4 stats chad, don’t go 50w 20v i swear to god

vantvant is generally bad to play and doodoo, you should Prometheus Acrimony yourself NOW!!
I recommend everything else because i made them
Here’s some useful resources for making savant stats

first tells you what tiers you can get as savant, second checks if stats are actually savant (make a copy of #2)

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i think god should kill you

why for having crappy stats and asking for help on how to fix them?

Me with 100W/55M/95S