Hi, i am shadow mage irislover9000 :)

Nice art, AWE solos.

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Level 5? I am at Level 11 :3:3:3:3::3

Unironically well rendered art piece :+1:

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The people have spoken.

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i made another post regarding the result
may 16th, 2024

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the time is ticking

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I’m praying on an iris “you are my special” moment

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zeus just saying fuck you in particular

ALSO after evelynn’s post, i have come to realise that barely any iris art actually has the freckles, which is weird, but still good job on drawing that it’s still good though

I think I know you

Wtf that cut off caught me off guard lol :joy:

Idk why I’m just a sick bastard that loves seeing people get traumatized by the dark sea especially past insanity 4 lol


would (kill myself)

The title of this post mentally scarred me

who let this man exist here :sob: