Hi! I'm Aether!

As the title says, my name is Aether, and I’m a former WOM player and now I play Arcane Odyssey almost obsessively. I’m deeply entrenched in the lore and I love making art for the game. My main file is Solomon Silver, a plasma/iron leg warlock who I love deeply. I love my clan as well, which is made up of close friends, and we’ve based it on the commedia dell’arte.
My preferred pronouns are they/them.

And here’s some of my favorite drawings for AO !!

^Solomon running from Argos

Me and a friend’s second files ^

Solomon’s awakening! ^


Love the art, welcome aboard.

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welcome! art looks great too

perhaps you should consider applying for an artist? :eye: :+1:

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i’m trying lol, thank you!

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Solomon looks like a goober.
I love him.

Also, what magic is he getting here?

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Not a magic, he’s a warlock! but he is my little goober I love him so much lol He has plasma magic and iron leg, though, if that’s what you’re wondering!

Can you draw a cookie? :cookie:

sure, I don’t have a lot of crk fanart rn, but I’ve done a little in the past :slight_smile:

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Have a cookie :cookie::tada::partying_face::balloon::confetti_ball:


I suck at playing the class though

Love the watercolors

It’s marker, actually! Thank you though, it means a lot

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I’m not great either but it sure is cool! is that explosion??

Mhm, he’s an explosion iron leg warlock

woo we match!!!

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Cool art! And welcome to the forums!

thank you!!

Welcome to the forums :clap:

chad artist introduction

Welcome aboard buddy