Hi, played since AA

Hi, i started playing Arcane Adventures around the time the third sea dropped i think (it is a bit hazy and a while ago) and my first character was a lightning magic user. Took fire as my second min but never got to the third sea. I played World of Magic during its open test and well created another lightning magic character. I loved the idea of WoM and it was a really interesting game but i didn’t play it as much so never really reached the high levels.

Arcane Odyssey however is a different story. I’ve played since release and made a…lightning magic character…again (as you all can see i am a bit obsessed with lightning magic). This time it is a conjurer and my main account. Their name is Xander Night and i haven’t really thought too much other than he definitely was a quite young sailor and a swordsman before he lost his memory (this could change depending on further lore but as it stands that’s his origin before the game). Honestly AO was a breath taking first play through. I progressed through the story quite story as i kept stopping everywhere to explore since i knew Vetex’s games have alot of cool exploration. I entered Akarsius Keep a bit too early i think(just after going to sailors lodge) and promptly got scared to hells and backward by the insanity effect i had no clue about. Unpopularly, I like Elius as a character even though alot hate him for being really hard but that challenge was really fun me. I spared him obviously so i hope he returns. Sea combat and imbuement are one of the most fun things i have done and conjurer was defintly a good first pick. My ship is called The Starry Night, a re-enforced lightning armament Caravel.

I have made 4 saves files since 2 plus one on a new account i had made for another game, Theodore Pheonix a magma/acid mage (a file from Wom that i kept so i have stuff from WoM), Alvera Night a sailor fist shadow warlock and on my alt Viola Night a half blind light thermo fist warlock. Ill probably think of some lore since 3 of my save files use the last name Night and i intended on continuing to it as the last name. Maybe alternate timeline where the siblings of Xander where captured instead (idk all headcannon). Never returned to Akarsius Keep for any of them till i finished the story haha.

Overall not the best at pvp, i enjoy pve a lot more. Often fight Carina since her pauldrons are drip. Well yeah about 100 plus hours in on my main, Xander Night and I cant wait for the Dark Sea and Brig even though i dont like insanity much.


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its okay im obssessed with wind

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I don’t think I have to explain myself with this one

relatable, but with fire

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Welcome to the forums :clap:

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I’m a glass maniac
(I love destroying peoples ears)