Hi who do y'all ship with Iris?

other option: NOBODY!!

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So I agree with you for the most part, and I mostly put the other options for either flavor, or because I saw fanart. However I do not agree Iris has currently or has ever had “daddy issues” I explain further this in an art piece I made of her father, but to summarize.

Iris’s father has only been dead a few months, and from all the Google searching I’ve done has shown that daddy issues arise from lack of parental affection. It is not shown at all that her and her father had any bitterness between them, and if she has a problem with anyone due to her father’s death it’s the Order.

I think Iris shows that she cares, but for Morden’s perspective, she makes him feel… vulnerable I guess. Not in a good way. Morden is a very guarded person, especially after the trauma he went through, and was even called a “loner” by Vetex. I think her “tough love” can poke into Morden’s insecurities. Idk how to word that better…

When Iris carried him, he went “Do you seriously have to carry me like this?” and when later Iris poked at him for sleeping so long that he’s starving he want “Ugh, I’d rather you not point that out :slightly_frowning_face:

Though, I think this might change later on through the story where Morden learns to put his guard down, for now, the two are like mixing oil and water. I guess.


This is gonna sound super lame, but I think those are more meant to be funny banter moments than anything serious

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Oh yeah, I was joking on the “Daddy issues”, I didn’t mean it in the general term. I meant it in the way that the “daddy issue” she has, is that her father was missing for months, and then she finds out he’s dead. Which is why having a good relationship with her father is specifically why it hits her harder. I tried to do the joke and connected it with Morden’s “friend issues”, as Tucker is also dead.

Funny banter can still have deeper meaning, and can actually reveal more about a character’s thinking process and how it contrasts the other. Theyre still character establishing moments nonetheless

Fair enough, thanks for clarifying.

Yeah I know, and I don’t want a romance option, or even really any romantic subplots in AO. However, I still enjoy writing my silly stories where an amnesiac Irish man and an emotionally unstable red head find love.

Great, yall are making me curious about AO MC ships now…

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My machinations are working >: ). If you want I link my AO3 so you can read my stories. My Sif x Iris aren’t my best works yet, but I plan on rewriting a bunch of them at some point in the future.

Don’t get me wrong they can, these dialogue moments do show us the personalities of the characters, but I don’t think its as deep as you’re suggesting. Especially the part where Iris mentions that Morden is starving, dude hasn’t eaten in days so being reminded of it and thus actually realizing how hungry he is, is gonna suck, I doubt it has much to do with his insecurity.

Its a similar case with the princess carry bit, being princess carried is kinda just embarrassing on its own. Him being embarrassed by it doesn’t necessarily mean Iris is poking into some deeper insecurity.

This isn’t to say Morden doesn’t have insecurities, but these moments in particular I have a lot of doubt for them having anything thing to do with it.

Yeah, Iris and Morden’s personalities clash a lot. Iris is that one sibling who is constantly on the move, doing snarky comments at you but still loves you. Morden is that one older sibling who is done with life’s shit and would rather have no one disturb him.

Put them in a room together and they’ll get uncomfortable real quick with Iris not knowing what to say that doesn’t somehow get under Morden’s skin. I don’t think Morden hates Iris, but he isn’t exactly a fan of her personality. In his journal he depicts her as a ticking time bomb, so he likes the contrast of Neviro’s cold gaze and Iris’ personality, but he doesn’t WANT to engage her on his own.

I mean, seriously, the first thing Iris does after us going missing for 2 months is do a snarky remark. Not out of malice or mean behavior, she’s just like that, and that lack of filter is what sets off Morden’s low tolerance for levity in serious situations. You can see that he was even slightly pissed off at the thought of you joking in front of Tucker’s grave (it wasn’t a joke, you genuinely didn’t know, but he took it as one).

They’ve only known each other for a bit, and for most of it Morden was out cold. I’m seriously hyped for the Nimbus update to see how they develop.

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Iris x her dad

Iris’s fire x Your backside

I regret nothing

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My genuine reaction:

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now that is what I call fire in the hole

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