Hi who do y'all ship with Iris?

This poll is a shameless rip off of the idea that BNTarwann did today: Hi who do yall ship with morden - #22 by 64arc

  • Iris/Morden
  • Iris/player or oc
  • Iris/Carina
  • Iris/Dame Caesennia
  • Iris/Neviro
  • Other option not listed
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Note: please do not turn the comments into a cesspool of debate about whether or not Iris is an adult. It’s been confirmed she’s either the players age or possibly older.

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I think BronzePegasus x Therapy is a really good ship guys


no one yet tbh, shes friend energy


Ngl was totally expecting this type of response.

i ship her with maya (the girl with the eyepatch at sailor’s lodge) idk iris and her just give off suuuch lesbian vibes /pos

Honestly, I admit I ship her with my oc
Essentially, just sapphic shipping

aaaaah no same tho i ship her with my oc occasionally too :handshake:(my oc is a girl)

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king fucking calvus

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probably Feremius Lurco because he has fire or Arish Vista but mostly Arish since he is in a stable mental state :skull:

What if I’m so basic that all of these options are too interesting for my shipping tastes?

Same I ship her with my Oc, though it’s f/m.

Neviro, since he can actually handle her :pensive:

If it’s anyone it’s morden

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maybe in the future

they feel like bickering siblings for now lol



It was stated in the neviro journal and you could also see at silverhold that she had a rowboat, so i dont see why you would even debate about her using any of these characters as ships

no one

Out of anyone it has to be Morden. We already confirmed her as our friend. Neviro sees her as a younger sister. Iris has literally never EVER interacted with Carina or Dame.

However, we’ve had a few interactions that we’ve seen between Morden and Iris. Such as taking care of him for a bunch of days, constantly replacing his bandages and checking on him constantly. Carrying him to the coast. She laughs at his snores. Etc etc.

They also need someone in their lives. Iris essentially deals with heavy daddy issues (in the way that her dad is, you know, dead), and Morden deals with friend issues (in the way that one of his last friends is, you know, dead). Even if they don’t fully grow into a relationship (due to lack of interest or outright death), I want to see them interact more with each other in the Nimbus sea storyline.

Because her jumping on Morden onto the sea a la Breath of the Wild can probably launch her across the Bronze Sea much faster than any rowboat can.

Iris x General Argos’ corpse.