High Jump control change

Right now, there’s this little setting that basically nobody uses with their high jump spells. Direction. There’s basically no use for it, anyway. A 15(-ish) degree change in direction does basically nothing for prediction and dodging. Instead of that, I propose a change in how high jumps, magical and normal, are done.

Essentially, the pitch of the jump is controlled by the pitch of the camera. When the camera is level, your jump goes straight up. But as your camera approaches either the uppermost or the lowermost looking limits, the profile of your jump approaches 45 degrees, either forwards or backwards, in a manner resembling an exponential curve.

The biggest reason to do this is to add variety to high-jump oriented mobility. The full extent of the high jump’s purpose in combat as of now is to get into the air, which really limits its utility. It also adds a precedent of camera-based movement, because the keys readily available for movement–q, e, r, f, etc.–are taken up by ability slots, and that’s a slippery slope.

Thoughts, ideas, critiques?

I use high jump direction ;-;

w h y ?

(no but seriously why?)

It’s cool, but I don’t like using shiftlock and it kinda forces you to use it to have a confortable controlled jump.

Now if it was cursor based, sure, but that’s already what a dash would do, which were planned for tier 3 under the name of rush attacks (tiers are subject to change but the planned spells for them should still be obtainable as I know).

You don’t necessarily need to use shiftlock to use this feature. Right click would suffice.

(Sorry for the long typing period, something happened at my end.)

No. In Pvp or Pve I don’t want to have to look down then back up just to get in a direction. Aim will be severely impacted if this goes through and it just messes alot more things up.

What method do you use to aim? Shiftlock? Right mouse click?

Right click

I guess it would be a problem if you keep your sensitivity low.

Is 0.75 low? I don’t really experiment with sensetivity…


So you want to control the angle which your high jump turns cause 15 degrees low

Well, basically, the angle is too low, and the method of control (creating a new spell, or none at all for regular high jumps) is basically useless.

unless you have 2-3 spell slots for high jumps

yea I agree vetex should just increase the angles it’s too low

The idea that you’re proposing is good, the execution, not so much. The camera is way too important to be affected like this, using it as a way to angle your jumps just wont work because it will most likely be too hard to control, and if you have played Roblox before you know that the camera isn’t always that reliable therefore I would suggest to not use the camera as a form of controlling the jumps. Right now the jumps are fine with how they are, they aren’t going to be the only way of aerial combat and therefore I think that you should wait to see the Lost Spells and what they can offer.

I’m pretty sure Vetex already agreed to make High Jumps function as magic dodges once you reach a certain level, the angle being much more drastic.

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