Hihi! I'm new here

Hi I’m Suwa and I just joined(at the time of making this)! I’ve known about Vetex since WoM and I’m looking to have a good time here on the forums! Some of you might know me as SuwaKoii or Suwa’s stuff so nice to see you here!


btw someone is gonna post a spongebob video with this ss:

@Dudeman if you don’t do it I will bec I always find new ppl b4 you

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Oh I know about that. I’ve been lurking on here signed out since last year.

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forum lurker (literally me)

Not for long

Technically I’m not new here as I have been lurking on here signed out for the past year lol

I did that for a bit but not nearly as long

Weve been stalked! Fall back!

Congrats on coming into the light, hope you enjoy your stay :D!

I really hope I do enjoy my time here!

:water_magic_var3: I am the water mage in your walls Teehee :>

farerflare is addicted to the forum frfr

Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay!
You know Japanese? Cool! I have a friend thats learning a bit of it lol


Why you gotta do bro like that. :sob:

(this is a complete sentence)

Oh hello welcome to the forums!-

Hold up… I remember you…you better not bring your crappy drama into this.


This was unexpected

I promise I won’t bring any drama!