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“Add the first Weapon item that can be equipped to Ships, purchasable at Shipwrights (These are manually armed weapons such as swivel cannons and harpoons that you can add to your ship, and cannot be fired while steering. They will be especially good for damaging players and sea monsters)”

This is something on the trello’s do to list. it doesn’t say just “sharks”. but sea monsters, what could this imply…

have you heard of white eyes?

don’t recall it rn…

Yeah, the famous white eyes. Although it says sea monsters, monster in plural form, means there will be more than just the famous white eyes.

White eyes?

white eyes is the biggest shark who ever sharked and ate a guy with a cool hat that one time


Lemme add more to this reply ^

It can also eat a boat.

le fishe monster

Luffy has a cool hat

VERY epic story

it wasnt luffy, it was a friend of that one dude with the phoenix magic

thank you


Nah man he got a clean head

who else had phoenix magic in AA?


alpha white eyes


and here’s white eyes which is tiny


I mean… Look at the AA Trello. Sea monsters were planned, four of them.

Interesting. what are they?