Honestly I wish i could opt out of pvp

i remember in 1.13 fighting a helios momber, i had 600 hp and he had 200 hp, and then mf just pops out a heal 3 pot, and he still almost lose

Kinda proves my point that potions are herbivore’s best friend

pretty sure that guy pvps a lot

The main issue I find with compulsury PvP is not that it exists, but it exists in a game that has you and everyone by-default all spawn in the same place (considering everyone at that level has finished the MSQL). The only other options for starter spawning are Summerhold and Whitecrest for player-joinable Canon factions (which means no clan).

This problem was alleviated a bit with the fixing of campsites, and with the release of the brig, but it is still a bane for players to be stalked because someone hunting for players just has to campout along the northwest coast of Rava.

It’s amazing he’s went and added all of these extra stats and utter slog of a grind for people who don’t have 12 hours a day to spend in this unoptimized hellpit and yet insists that you need to perform the myriad of nothing tasks while endorsing no class behavior towards joe fisherman who has been trying for 30 hours straight to get a full set to even consider themselves ready for baseline PVP against some 1k hour no life. It really is a lot of player retention tasks mixed with the occasional kick in the back of the head whether you want it or not.

Of course, without compulsory PVP, people would realize they’re playing an exceptionally mediocre game. I guess the mild bump to your heartbeat confuses peril for excitement or something.

…but then I also swapped off of pure Warrior to Explosion Conjurer for a minute yesterday and it neigh feels like cheating in comparison.

1, oh a new challenger? im also bad at pvp, nice to meet you!
2, i know that feel bro, not having any player kills, i have 3 (2 volunteer, 1 was low level and trying to murder my friend) but what infuriates me the most is that they make fun of you, seriously, AO is supposed to be fun! not a place to bully/get bullied!
3, i have a tip for escaping, this only works if you have 60+ points in magic and is near a body of water
get leap
set leap count to 5
get blast
set blast count to 20
get explosion
set explosion count to 5

heres how to escape:
optional: eat invigorating/energizing/swift food, prioritize invigorating first and swiftness last
swim to the nearest safe place (max distance should be around the distance from ravenna to sailors)
if stamina is <100, use leap once, then use blast once, the charging wont regen stamina, but firing will
that should regen you to around 225 stamina, the reason why its 5 leaps is because then you can regen the most stamina, same goes for 20 blast
^technically you can also do this with weapon movement abilities/fighting style crash but that uses air movement so you only get 2 charges

why dont you keep leap count at 1? because something called max stamina limit exists
optional: if you can time it correctly, you can spam explosion afterwards to get even more stamina, and if you can do another blast after that, you get full stamina bar, this isnt recommended as the chances are high that your hitbox touches water and you lose stamina instead

heavily recommended: get canon fist, the hunter will most likely deploy their ship or give up since they cant replicate technique, so when youre at a safe spot (sailors, munera, etc) you can delete their ship, making them slower! also they cant ram you, nor can they delete you with their canons since unless they have god aim/aimbot

i recommend you get a water breathing bottle (not flask) (10 seaweed and 2 collosal clam) for if you run out of stamina, if memory serves right you will be barely alive with minimal oxygen if you ever sink to the bottom of the ocean whilst swimming

extremely optional and situational: out of leaps, dont want to use water breathing potions and have a crap ton of amphibious blooms/aeroplast? make gale potion, launches you into air, is basically instant stamina refill

why dont you use ship? too big hitbox + it accelerates instead of instant max speed + slowdown by chainshot/dmg

thats the spirit! nice people, we need more of those

same goes for here, you have a kind heart

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Yeah, the power creep is really setting in. This makes PvP even more toxic, as preparations beforehand to get the perfect set are almost becoming about as important as your connection/runtime quality, and the actual reaction time and timing required for pvp…

enchants, weapon enchants, elusive weapon tiers, elusive armor tiers, skill scrolls getting added, overall enchants getting a new tier, jewels getting added, jewels getting a new tier, and now modifiers…

I will disagree about that there is nothing else intresting to do besides the PvP, but I will agree that the most significant reason to do anything else is to help with the PvP/PvE.

It, like any roblox game, it has a lot of room for improvement. At the very least, it is not blox fruits levels of single-mindedness.

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That game was built from the ground up to appeal to a wider audience and to function on mobile. We’ve got LOADS of technical debt stemming from AO being cobbled from the corpse of World of Magic. I’ve only played a teensy bit of Blox Fruits but at least the game runs smoothly enough to endorse the open combat this game “thinks” it can get away with. I’ve noticed SOME improvements from 1.14.39 and before at the very least.

Hopefully the change listed in 1.14.41 improves how this game runs a bit more so encounters are at least BOTH smooth and unsavory rather then just unsavory.

(also: the 500 ghosts who are forced to wear my level 20 leather armor whenever I open my inventory )

IKR… With all the upsides (and downsides) with AO, its optimization is comically bad, almost as bad as Fantastic Frontier, however…

Blox fruits, with all its mobile-available optimization, is an un-engaging, tedious bandit smasher, with seldom insanely frustrating progression (the kind that is so bad, that developers would be clinical sadists to actively design).

I am 100% abandoning this for a few months if not a year whenever Fantastic Frontier comes out with whatever mythical unicorn update they’ve been working on since 2018.

Please Gorbachelli. Please Spectrabox. Save me from this BM’ing sim.

womp womp skill issue tighten up

Yea, AO in its current state is definitely something I’d consider exceptionally mediocre. The whole is in fact not greater than the sum of its parts. I’ve consistently described AO as a game that is a wide but shallow ocean, as opposed to its predecessor (AA not corny WOM) that was a narrow but dense lake. Arcane Adventures had the advantage of being three years into its development and was therefore given far more ample time to flesh out its systems, albeit still flawed. Arcane Odyssey on the other hand, has a dozen new features and forms of content that are essentially bare bones, cooking and stat builds for example.

I’m convinced Vetex’s transparency with his future plans is what has allowed him to maintain a consistent player base because alot of the upcoming content is far more interesting than what we have now. In my opinion, Vetex is a dev that delivers best when he builds up momentum so I’m hopeful that AO will deliver on its potential once it’s had enough time to build upon the foundation set by early access.


It’s certainly better he’s adding all of these extra stats and systems now BEFORE they become entirely impossible to balance around, though in an extreme case this can lead to over-homogenization of builds and playstyles due to a fear of scaling. Still trying to keep my head up about it all despite my apparent lack of optimism on the matter!

I am waiting on two to three games besides AO to release their updates. Both just so happen to be on life-support of tenure players, like how WoM was before it got 180’d into AO… FF, Miners Haven, and I forgot the other one…

…Updates are the lifeblood of a roblox game, and Vetex is at least committed to keeping this proverbial heart pumping…Albeit with significant proverbial murmurs.

But I digress… Honestly AO is still a step up from the direction WoM was heading in, and has a lot of time to make itself fleshed out as compared to AA…

If Vetex can stop putting cracks in his game from listening to the pvp sweats who think every tactic besides their own needs a nerf, over repairing cracks players who sincerely like or love the game point out and are turned off by, it would be SO much better…

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I also don’t think every little thing needs touched balance-wise whatsoever barring some of the most egregious or offensive things that can be abused easily WITHOUT extreme dedication into a stat, strat, or stack of resources, and it DOES take away from proper time into refining other existing features and activities or new content. Glad you share this sentiment.

I just wish people would stop blaming “Roblox” for every little thing that goes wrong. It’s also safe to say a decent combo of various loud and unhealthy, repetitive opinions on top of the code debt that comes from building AO out of the skeleton of a 4 year old laundry fetching sim.

Vetex himself also needs to get it together in terms of balancing. Yeah, it’s “so fucking boring” I’m sure, but maybe communicate with your teams a little bit more then through interpretive dance and smoke signals and we wouldn’t have people like in this thread despising your game over high investment substat devil worship shenanigans.


WoM made a lot of important contributions, even if I also agree it was a glorified trial run. Arcane Adventures magic system had clear flaws based on the limitations of each magic, and the fact there was actually a clear winner.

It made the game actually remotely possible to balance except vetex forgot that weapons and a few of the other features in WoM have to be refactored into a new and significantly different combat system in AO.

Yeah, not a lot of balancing is needed, god forbid the amount of nerfing the balancing team does… but ultimately, there are tactics that even if they require significant investment into them are going to be absolutely bonkers. One such example are tactics involving surge stunlocking

It has gotten so bad, that I would argue there does need to be a 10k bounty/renown floor for randomly attacking players.

There would be exceptions (FF/Murenia/EventArena/bounties), but a 10k bounty/renown floor would make a lot of sense, given the current state of affairs when it comes to player interactions.

Vetex is enabling the toxic gameplay too much with everyone spawning in the same place, enhancements and items with cascading amounts of powercreep, combat systems too diverse to be perfectly balanced, and overall game mechanics that favor dropkicking players…

…A way to de-escalate this problem is to give players the chance to play the game relatively uninterrupted by people who arbitrary pick often one-sided fights, if they are willing to do the legwork and maintenance of keeping a conditional pvp shield up.

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