Hop on over to the Forum's Discord server!

I had created a Discord server for the Forums but I haven’t really invited anyone yet, so I have decided to post an invite link here.

Why should/would you want to join?

  • We have game nights where we can all go fishing in WoM, or play some matches of Heroes 2 (any game on Roblox are the games we play). It just depends on what everyone decides.
  • Fun bots such as EPIC RPG, TacoShack, BarBattles, & Groovy!
  • We have self roles such as age (optional), gender (optional), your main magic for WoM (optional), and more soon to come!
  • There are roles for guilds, Artists, Writers, Regulars, Testers, & more!
  • VC
  • There are channels similar to this Forum. We have a channel for guild discussion, game discussion, an off-topic channel, a meme channel, a channel for trading, a channel for writers, a channel for artists, a channel for server suggestions, and many more.
    This server was worked very hard on, so please come check it out! I’ll be waiting…

Is this official though?

What do you mean by official? Like, I declare it as official? Or, do you mean a mod does? I mean, if I’m declaring it as official, sure, then it’s official

By like a mod/admin

No, not by a mod/admin…unless @Meta or @liu would like to do so??? :flushed:

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doesn’t AO forums party already exist?

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I made this server before that one.

how many people do you have in it rn?
we have about 50+ people atm

Ao community hub is better

So you’re challenging me?

Game night today at 6:30 PM EST…may change to 7:20 PM EST.

so you made an unofficial discord server for forums that are based on an official discord server…

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why the fuck would you make a forum server when this forum is FOR a discord server…

Because the people here are a lot better than on the Discord

no. that is a lie they are both bad


just do a normal discord gc :expressionless:

no all of the forum regulars are way worse lol
you guys hate fun and dont like different opinions

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So and so, I guess.
I somewhat agree on the “don’t like different opinions” part.