Hopes for Spirit weapons

Spirit weapons are coming very soon and we don’t necessarily know anything about them other than random lore vetex has posted. I want to see what others are hoping to see in spirit weapons (visuals, moveset, etc).

Me personally I hope visually some moves are reminiscent of the northern lights in some way. would be cool looking

people dying bec of casting an attack

I’m hoping knight doesn’t suffer for being invested into two different stats who use weapons and still only having 3 weapon slots

edit: nvm forget this I forgot there’s gonna be weapon customization so you can just move skills around accordingly

I want to see an Aegis Cloak, typically related to Zeus or Athena. As for movesets and ability, maybe it can act similar to a shield (since that’s what an Aegis does) and have a mobility move.

Maybe we can also have Zeus’s thunderbolt or Poseidon’s trident, but those seem to main-charactery and OP.

it would also look like a soul sort of. soul-weapons :open_mouth:

I want to see subtle, yet appropriate references through Spirit Weapons, just because.

I hope metal paladin isn’t as unviable as metal conjurer