Horned Fire Wizard

New Style! (edited)
As you can see, my style has drastically changed. I love it. It just looks so epic-----
I made a ‘Horned Fire Wizard’, there obviously aren’t horns in WoM, but in future updates, there is a new vanity item which will be horns, and I came up with an idea to draw a fire user with horns on! Please enjoy and show love :))


Art looks great! The ear is quite low though, but I love how you did the smaller details.

definitely thought horned said something a little different

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aw damn i just realised that, ill fix it later! i tried very carefully to not spell it wrong lmao

this is really cool but, but,
the ears are impossibly low and badly proportioned

the overall shape of the head is a little wonky, and I think the neck was a little over-done.
try to use more solid shapes for the heads and make sure to use references

hopefully this helps
the horns are great though ngl


ty child ill look into it!!

i edited it a lil bit and i think it looks like it has better proportions, do you think?

Definitely better, still a little wonky but its better proportioned than it was for sure

Looks like my mom in the 90s