Housing storange , claim plot idea

Make some sort of island like it will have place to buy housses , like small house , medium house , and large house taht have function as storange system small will have like example 1k crown bank , medium 3k crown bank , and 5 k for large house , that might be helpfull when you dont want to loose any crown from dead while out adventure , how we can get house ? We buy that from house dealer and when we join the game we must found a place where there is unclaimend house (example : there is unclaimed small house , and you have small house acess then you can claim that house [ONLY 1] in there tou can store extra crown without afraid of losing )

Also , other idea is like a place or village where high levels and other magician live where that will become place where adventurer can claim and under protection of magic council guards in the village. Anyway i cant make it suggestion idk why.

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wait until trust level 2 before posting suggestions

How i can get trust lv 2?

look in suggestions at the pinned link and you should find the general things


So how do the trust levels work? here you go

No posting #suggestions in #game-discussion, please wait to meet these requirements until then