Hover spell question

Is hover gonna become a lost spell? like its not just gonna learn it from lvling up? my brain collapsed and cant understand

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yes it will become a lost spell

forumers when they’re forced to read


you lack the braincells to interact in any social platform

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Hover will be one of the first lost spells added to the game, and probably it will be the lowest by lvl req.
And as far as we know, we will get “Horizontal mobility spell”

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you have legs use them


why no flight spell?

This has been answered a lot but adding flight makes boats useless as soon as you get them, which takes the fun out of a sea odyssey

they add nothing to the game

what a lame excuse

just make flight drain magic energy faster than other spells so you have to use a boat for long distances smh

Get Magma/Ice magic, use flight spell, create platform, charge magic energy, wait for flight cooldown to go away (if it’s long), repeat

God, I’d love that since I’ve been wanting a spell that I can spam to get places faster on foot

yep it will be a lost spell ( rip berserkers )

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true true :(