How annoying is drawback?

I’ve never used drawback before and I’m wondering if it is hard to deal with

specifically low amounts,
all painite gems,
or maxed out drawback

as a person with 10 draw back on a 2.6k health build with the usage of spamming m1’s

it’s defo a lot more do-able

5% is basically unnoticeable

If you don’t want to get absolutely screwed over by drawback, then pace your attacks.

3 drawback is fine
Just undrippy

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powerful vat helmet gets the most bang for ur pain

I really don’t like using drawback, it feels like you’re getting hit a lot more than you actually do. It’s like you knowingly lower your hp just to do a little more damage. There are alternatives which have a little less power but also have a few other stats and doesn’t include drawback.
also the tomato sauce looks ugly

It’s unnoticeable if you have Recovery I, your passive healing heals more than your drawback. If you have a high attack speed weapon, you’ll notice it more, but it’s still not that much, you’ll have to do like 15 attacks before noticing a sliver of your health is gone.

It’s a pretty decent trade if you’re able to deal like 1/3 of normal NPC’s health with one attack, and maybe 1/8 of Atlantean’s health.

The vit users tho

yeah the plan was uhh, 120 Vit Knight or 150 Vit Jugg with the most defense possible (so painite gems)

Too annoying

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